Advanced HAZMAT Life Support Courses



2017-2018 Course Dates


Nov 1-2 (Provider); Nov 3 (Instructor), 2017

Feb 7-8 (Provider); Feb 9 (Instructor), 2018

May 2-3 (Provider); May 4 (Instructor), 2018

Aug 1-2 (Provider); Aug 3 (Instructor), 2018

Nov 7-8 (Provider); Nov 9 (Instructor), 2018


Course Faculty 

Jay L. Schauben, PharmD, DABAT, FAACT
Thomas A. Kunisaki, M.D., FACEP, ACMT
Dawn R. Sollee, PharmD, DABAT, FAACT
Joseph Spillane, PharmD, DABAT
Mark Schreiber, PharmD, DABAT
Patrick Aaronson, PharmD, DABAT
Emily Winograd, PharmD
Patrick Leffers, PharmD
Madison Schwartz, PharmD

Course Location
UFHealth Jacksonville
University of Florida Health Science Center
Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville Hotels

Hampton Inn


1331 Prudential Drive


DoubleTree by Hilton


1201 Riverplace Blvd

Omni Hotel


245 Water Street

Hyatt Regency
225 East Coast Line Dr

Additional Hotels/Lodging Map



The Advanced Hazmat Life Support (AHLS) Provider program is a 16 hour, 2-day course which trains the Participant to:  



655 West 8th Street, Box C-23

 Jacksonville, FL 32209 

(904) 244-4465 or 

Fax (904) 244-4063


Marion Darby, Office Manager



  • Provide rapid assessment of hazmat patients
  • Recognize toxic syndromes (toxidromes)
  • Provide medical management for hazmat patients
  • Apply the poisoning treatment paradigm
  • Administer specific antidotes

The AHLS Instructor Program is a 6-hour, 1-day course that trains participants to demonstrate AHLS principles and adult education theory. AHLS instructors can then bring AHLS curriculum to their own area. If you are interested in holding an AHLS program in your area, please contact AHLS International Headquarters for more information.

The AHLS Provider course has received approval from the Office of Domestic Preparedness. ODP training funds can now be used to attend an AHLS Provider course. Check with your state Homeland Security Director for funding. 






Last updated: 08/21/2017